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Help On Markings And The Age Of An Old Ring Please.

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lostboy87 | 11:54 Mon 05th Feb 2018 | Home & Garden
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Hi all, I have my Nana's engagement ring and just wanting to find some info on it. It has 18ct and platinum marking on it but it also has A1085 on it....anyone know what this refers to,cant find on line! It was bought in the 50's but not sure if it was new then or not. Could anyone help or point me in the right direction where I could ad photo's etc.
Would really appreciate any help. Thank you


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I'm not an expert on this but I seem to think that the hallmark defines the place and date of certification. You should be able to find a list of hallmarks online and compare with yours.
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Thanks for the answer but I have been searching for ages now and cant find anything regarding A1085.
I'd guess that A1085 is a jeweller's reference ie, put on by the selling jeweller for their stock/pricing records, particularly if it's engraved rather than stamped.
Can you link a picture please?
I believe that A1 is the assay mark of Andalucia, Spain and perhaps 085 is saying that it is 85% pure.
I wondered that Togo but that wouldn't equate to the 18ct mark, which is why it'd be nice to see a photo of what the person is actually seeing :)
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Ill see if I can get a pic of the mark but its really small.
If i get pic on my phone how do i put it here as I cant see an option? Thanks.

1. Upload picture to
2. Copy and paste a link into post on Chatterbank.
3. Choose the shortest of the offered links.
Use Thumbsnap Lostboy and post it using the Direct link option. Just copy and paste the url.
I stopped using tinypic because of the slow load times of the code required, Baldric. Finding thumbsnap much better.

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Help On Markings And The Age Of An Old Ring Please.

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