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Lightweight Blocks For Raised Bed

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Ratty2E | 14:05 Fri 28th Apr 2017 | Home & Garden
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I am making a raised herb bed in my garden. It will be one block high along the edge of a raised patio and two blocks high the other side. I would prefer to use lightweight blocks as it would be much easier for me but am not sure if they are suitable.


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Do you mean the aerated breeze blocks? I don’t see why not
Question Author
Thank you for your reply Wolfgang. Yes I do, I was only concerned as I had heard they should not be used below ground level and as a planter they will have soil against them (on one side).
Concrete cavity blocks would be ideal.
perhaps plant some thyme in the hollows two ?
I think for house building purposes, yes they shouldn’t be used underground but I have had a 500 gal above ground pond stood on them for the last 25 years and they are still fine. As a bodger, I find then much lighter to handle and easier to cut
Ratty... the three most used aerated lightweight concrete blocks are... Durox; Thermalite; and Celcon.

All of them are fine for use underground. :o)
when I went to the local builders merch to buy mine I knew what I wanted but had no idea of the name. I asked for those breeze blocks that are like an Aero worked!
Builders Merchants are like old fashioned ironmongers - you can describe something in crazy terms and they always know what you mean.
Question Author
Cheers everyone for your responses. I've been and got them now :)
No prizes for guessing what I'll be doing on my bank holiday.
Years ago, packs of a particular heavy duty type of block were always marked with a yellow stripe down them.

They stopped doing that, and a customer wanted some, so he asked the yardman how you can tell which ones are which.

In pure Devon, the yardman told him.............

"Us remembers where us puts 'em"

Faultless logic ;o)
While at the iron mongers, you might want to pick up fork-andles, just in case of a blackout ;-)

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Lightweight Blocks For Raised Bed

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