Dracaena Marginata. Indoor Tropical Plants Dying

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dieseldick | 11:55 Fri 11th Mar 2016 | Home & Garden
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i have 2 of these - DRACAENA MARGINATA

had them 5 months now and all was well , i went away for a month to come back and they were dying, lack of water. so i filled the pots to brim with water then again a week later i filled with water again.

now the leaves are starting to brown and fall off. maybe i have over watered them ? i there any plant food or anything else i can do to restore them.

i have a spider plant about 14 years now and sometimes when its dying if i leave it too long i will water it and it springs back to life in no time, unlike these other plants.


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I thought you asked about these a few weeks ago...
They don't need a huge amount of water...or at least the ones I've had haven't.'s normal for the lower leaves to drop off. Is your plant producing new growth at the top? If it is,it should be fine. I wouldn't drown it in water for the time being...sometimes less is better.
Over watered and rotted now.

In future if going away pop plants on the draining board on a towel - feel sink with water and drape said towel in the sink into the water - the towel will soak up the water and slowly water your plants.

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Dracaena Marginata. Indoor Tropical Plants Dying

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