Manhole Cover For Block Paving With Drain Holes.

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woofgang | 16:29 Fri 11th Mar 2016 | Home & Garden
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Dear knowledgable folk,
I am trying to find the kind of man hole cover that you can put block paving in that has drain holes in it or weak spots moulded in to drill them. I need the kind that can be retrofitted to the existing frame. I have found round ones, but not rectangular, also the ones I found were some kind of polythene and I am not sure they will take as much weight as metal?
I was given advice on here a while ago on how to drill holes in the ones I have but have failed miserably. I think my drill may not be up to it. I looked into buying a better one but its not really worth the outlay to me.
Thanks for your help


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Thank you but I need retro to slot into the frame I already have.
I have a feeling that retro-fit isn't going to be easy (if at all possible) into the existing frame, given the increased depth of the cover. I'll be happy to be proved wrong, though!
What material is the existing one made from? If it's steel or cast iron can you get a local engineering firm to put small holes in it?
I think i remember your manhole, Woofters.
Do you have a standard 600 x 450mm steel frame ?
Are the surrounding pavers laid yet?
Question Author
I think its galvanised something or other Builder. Even quite a fine drill bit just skids off it. The patio has been down for some time and is in fine condition. I’d really rather not get a new frame installed. My problem is that I have always had drainage issues because I live on a slope and when it rains really heavily the water just sheets down the gardens, through mine and on to the next. Its been a bad year anyway but since my neighbour has some trees removed its got even worse. You suggested drilling holes under one of the bricks, leaving it loose and just pulling it out to drain the flood away, brill suggestion except I can’t drill it.
I found this one, but its round and not sure it would bear the weight of the bricks I just tried to measure the actual cover and its about 620 x 430 but I had two dogs helping me by washing my face so that’s kind of approximate. They are whatever was standard 20+ years ago and have got “Peter Savage” on them.
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If there are ones out there that wouldn’t stand bricks I ‘d be happy to fill it with gravel or something else, I only need to do one where the water runs.
Apologies if this is a silly question, but you are clear that this manhole cover is for surface drainage water only, are you? Cos you can't have a "ventilated" cover into the foul sewer system. It'll pong and be a health hazard.
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Thanks dogsbody, its not foul sewer drain.
Slack's link above is the right one, Woof. It comes with its own frame. I doubt very much that it will fit the existing ordinary frame.

I think you have only a couple of choices...

Take up a few surrounding pavers, then remove the old frame. Fit Slack's frame & cover.

Or ............ still the best way ...... pick a few places where you want drain holes, then use a nail punch. Give it a good whack to create a decent dent. This will stop the bit from slipping.
Use a standard 4mm HSS (high speed steel) bit. Now you have a pilot hole. This can easily be drilled out to the size you need. Probably something like a 10 or 12mm hole to allow drainage without worrying about it clogging up with silt.
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nail punch an big hammer! right up my alley! Will report back assuming I don’t end up in A and E

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Manhole Cover For Block Paving With Drain Holes.

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