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Rough estimate of monthly bills

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fairy! | 16:32 Wed 31st Aug 2005 | Home & Garden
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I know it differs from house to house, how much you use etc, but I'd like a rough idea of monthly bills for a 3 bedroom house... is there a website I can look at or can anyone help me out?

I know council tax depends on the area, so I guess I'm looking at gas, electric, water... um... phone... anything else??



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This can't really be answered, as you said, areas have something to do with it, also, how much you water the garden etc,  are you metered, lots of different things, if you were to tell us the area you live, and what you use, and when, we might be able to give you an idea,
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Ok... how about people that live in 3 bedroomed houses, using an average amount of water & electricity & gas etc, tell me roughly how much their bills are per month?? 

ie.  Is the electricity bill likley to be �5 per month or �500??  I'm talking rough figures!

I have a 2 bedroom flat with just me and my girlfriend living in, council tax is �107per month, water is not metered and that is �33 per month (flat rate), electricity is about �40 per month (thats with average usage ie. washer, dryer, oven and shower used daily, telly, p.c, and a few lights on from 6pm to midnight) hope this helps as a rough guide.
oh yeah our council tax is band B ( doesnt matter if its a house or flat, its the same) and if it helps when you move in, electricity is cheaper between 7pm and 7am, so if you are out at work all day anyway it will keep the cost down

We pay on our 3 bedroom house �213 a month this includes t.v licence, water, council tax, life insurance, house insurance, electric, gas, phone bill. 

other bills you need to think about is a mortgage payment (unless you're renting or your house is paid up), food shopping, top ups for mobiles or bills for mobiles, internet or broadband fees, petrol (if you  have a car) 

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Thanks guys!  That's helped!  Oooops, I'd forgotten about tv liscence & house contents insurance... it all adds up doesn't it!!

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Rough estimate of monthly bills

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