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chas2008 | 10:26 Wed 23rd Jul 2014 | Home & Garden
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i know its a difficult one,
anyone an idea of the rough cost (very rough) for footings & dwarf wall for 9' x 6' conservatory...concrete would need cutting out for footings northants/cambs area


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What's the height of the walling above ground, Chas? (Just thinking of the loading.)

uPVC conservatory?
Polycarbonate roof?
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just a basic UPVC conservatory (poor mans one) im assuming the wall is approx 3' in height.Basically my son in law works for a company that makes them so if i can sub the brickwork out happy days !
Ah, so you will need a foundation then.

If the uPVC went right down to the concrete (no wall needed), then a much simpler solution would be to set the conservatory on the concrete, with two corner posts on simple concrete pier footings.

ie ............ two holes, one for each post, with concrete poured in.
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did actually look at that ,just think the dwarf wall looks much neater
OK ......... diamond cutter for the concrete, a 300mm wide trench for a 100mm wide wall.

"Trench fill"... ie fill with concrete back up to ground level. Build brick wall over. You may want to render internally. Modern bricks usually can't be "faced" on both sides.................... or, use a 225mm wall, faced both sides. (Same footings)

Keeping it simple. Maybe one guy working on his own, or possibly with a labourer............. with good access, and somewhere to tip the spoil, then around £2,500 should do it.
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cheers for that, to be honest the sort of figure i had in mind between 2-3k

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