Combi Boiler Help Please?

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tinkerbell23 | 00:14 Thu 27th Feb 2014 | Home & Garden
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Damsel in distress here!

Please excuse me if this is a silly question but if my boiler is "flashing green light" which i know means on standby, will it still have the heating on?

I took soooo long to sit & programme the thing (it came with a wireless thingy to adjust it all) ... The heating should be piping hot but its chillier than i would like.

It totally boggles my mind.

Hot water is fine.

Boiler flashing green.... Bit on the wal is "red" as if its off. If i press that, it fires up for a few seconds then off again.

Weird x


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Standby tends to imply, no.
If things fire up then immediately switch off it implies to me that it thinks all is hot enough. May want to check the settings. If you are sure they are ok maybe there's a fault.
That said I'm unsure one can be confident picturing the situation without being there.
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Thanks OG...

I may ask my friend to look at the thing- i took 1h & half programming it a while back when to come on & off and i can select a "party mode" where its the one temp for 24hrs selected by me. It just boggles my mind. I just feel theres still a nip in the air .. So i didnt know if it was on standby and not giving me heat...

Or on standby and just heating a little. Wish id noticed earlier x
Hi Tinks, can't help but lovely to see you xx sibs
Question Author
Hello psyb!!!! And you!!!!

Hugs xx
Check the thermostat. Make sure it is not set lower than you wish. Personally I leave my main one on max and control the heat individually at each radiator.
I can't work ours, I just put it on when I want it on - had to top the system up earlier, took me forever to get the stupid gizmo into just the correct position earlier (if you don't, water pours every where). The heel of my hand still has a dent in it now from trying to get the key thing in the right place.
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My radiators dont have the thingy on them all to control the temp!

The pressure is fine i checked that & topped up!

Awww they are a blinkin mystery honest to GOD! Its just new installed before xmas....

Ive text my pal about it.... Again! Lol x
Did installer leave you a manual?
what boiler is it, tinks? we can look up the manual on-line if you don't have one.
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There is a manual & i checked online too it dosent answer too much! Doh lol..

Its a vokera x
its more about your programmer / stat than your boiler do you have a manual option on your programmer?
i.e. just able to turn it on and adjust temperature?
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All thats on the actual boiler is the pressure gauge and two dials.
One for "hot water"
One that i can use to switch on & off - and that always sits at "auto" i THINK so the programme is set- otherwise it would b constantly on i think.... But i tried that and it didnt go... Theres no temperature bit at all on it (as in degrees)

I think that must all come from the wireless remote thing x
... remote programmers...... another solution looking for a problem ;o)

Ring them here, Tinkers ............

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