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Loss Of Preasure To Boiler To Boiler And No Heating Or Hot Water.

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lostboy87 | 22:36 Sat 11th Jan 2014 | Home & Garden
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Please help,the radiators upstairs only got hot at the bottom and my 2 year olds bedroom is quite cold! Bled the radiators and now nothing works.The pressure is at just over the lowest point and when i turn the valve on the flexi loop nothing happen to increase the pressure and it does not feel like any water is going through the pipe.What do I do the house is getting colder and the pressure wont go up!!
Everything was fine until this.
The boiler is an HE24 isar.
Thank you for looking.


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Not sure if this will help or not (we have had endless problems too) but sometimes turning everything off and waiting a few minutes before putting everything on again 'tricked' the boiler into working again.
Otherwise see 'Check-a-trade, where we found our wonderful plumber Simon.
Just a thought, Lostboy, but some boilers have two valves to open in order to re-pressurise. There's one on the braided pipe to let the mains water in, and possibly one on the boiler to open the system.
I have to locate two valves on our boiler. One is operated with a key and the other more like a thumb screw.

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Loss Of Preasure To Boiler To Boiler And No Heating Or Hot Water.

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