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ilovemarkb | 16:33 Tue 22nd Oct 2013 | Home & Garden
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Please can someone help me I am so confused. I have a new light fitting for my dining room and the light is far too bright. It takes 5 (small screw} candle bulbs. Each of them is 40 watts!! (TOO BRIGHT LOL). I would like to order some from ebay that are the equivalent of 20 watts each.....BUT...I would like the energy saving ones that last a long time!! please help!! Thanks in advance.


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i love the idea of confused light bulbs :-)

would these work? User Recommendation
Of course you would be referring to the incandescent equivalent when you refer to power. Bulbs tend to be rated in lumens these days.

5*40=200w which most folk will find too bright for a normal sized "living room".

You could alway opt to put in just 2 or 3 bulbs.

If using these few fangled bulbs try for around 1500 lumens. Or about 300 each I guess.

20w each would be around 300 to 320 lumens each.
Have you thought about fitting a dimmer switch Mrs B?
You could leave it on a low setting, but full power is still there if you need to look for something.

Also, consider LED lamps. Direct replacement, and some choice of power rating. They cost next to nothing to run, and last for ever........ almost ;o)
The only drawback is the initial cost...........
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thought these might the ones but no mention of lumens still none the wiser
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thanks for replies think thats the ones mr builder
Pop along to your local B&Q, they generally have a wide range of bulbs and plenty of staff only too willing to avail you of their knowledge.
When I have had bulbs giving too white and bright a light bright I produced a nice mellow warm light by simply giving them a thin coat of emulsion paint.
Or you could change the switch on the wall to a rheostat type
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Hi mr builder!!! are the regular 40watt candle bulbs dimmable???
If you mean the halogen ones in the Ebay link ......... it doesn't say. Usually they are, but with low energy ones, you can't assume so.

The ones in Fluffy's link are :o)
.............. and the ones you've just fitted, regular (not low energy) halogens are usually dimmable.
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ok thanks mr Builder always helpful as always
Do they make low energy bulbs with the small screw fitting? I have never seen any.
EDDIE - see the link by ilovemarkb at 17:20

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Confused Light Bulbs

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