Kitchen Sink/washing Machine Pipes Hidden

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muchlovex | 17:03 Sat 30th Mar 2013 | Home & Garden
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My kitchen and washing machine pipes in the kitchen are not visible from the outer wall.

Does this mean that the pipes run straight into the ground?

I wonder if it does as my kitchen does feel quite cold when standing at the sink area.

We've recently had a new double glazed window installed in the kitchen so draught doesn't come from there.

Any ideas re the pipework?


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I guess you mean you can't see them outside?
The waste possibly drains into an internal sealed gulley. It was a common way of doing it thirty or forty years ago.
It shouldn't result in draughts though. You will find that behind the plinths at the foot of the cabinets, will usually be cold.

When I've come across this before, I've just unclipped the plinths, and stuffed glass fibre loft insulation under the cabinets.
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that's what I mean't Builder. If I were to take the plinths off maybe I could do the same
Or they enter an internal 100mm (4") soil pipe.

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Kitchen Sink/washing Machine Pipes Hidden

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