Looking For Ready-Made 100Mm Polystyrene Internal And External Coving Corners

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JG1965 | 17:59 Sat 30th Mar 2013 | Home & Garden
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I want to order ready-made 100mm polystyrene internal and external coving corners by mail order online but are having difficulty finding any. I ordered them from a company before but they have since went bust.
Homebase and B & Q do separate corners but I want ones the are all ready made ( 2 corners already fixed together )
Can any one help?
Thanks in advance.


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Got ours at Wicks.
Got mine at B&Q.
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The ones at B & Q, Homebase and Wickes are two separate pieces in a pack that make one corner, the ones I am looking for are already made into a corner in one piece.
JG mine were one piece. It was a while ago.
Everything I'm finding is for two premitred pieces that make up the corner.

Is there any reason you don't want to stick the two bits together to make the corner piece that you want?
Just read that back and it sounds a bit arsey, it's not meant to be :)
It'd be really awkward to store and deliver if the bits are already stuck together.
I think they are better in two pieces, it allows more adjustment for corners that aren't quite square.
lol boxy, they are made in one piece!

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Looking For Ready-Made 100Mm Polystyrene Internal And External Coving Corners

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