cat poo in my garden, and dead animals

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what..the? | 23:55 Wed 18th Jul 2012 | Home & Garden
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A stray cat ( i think it's stray) keeps killing loads of birds in my garden it kills everything and leaves half eaten animals on my main pathway so I stand on them, also it's going to the toilet everywhere and even round where I hang laundry so have already walked poo in the house and got it all over my shoes and hands. As my garden is very wild it likes to come into hunt I see it sneaking in all the time and I remove it each time to the boundary if I see it or clap my hands to get it the run out, my house is very overlooked so I don't want to kick or push the cat too hard in case the pc people kick off locally. assuming it's a stray should I just report it, maybe I will ask at the local cafe next to me to ask if it's a stray? But who do I report it too?


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Does it have a collar on? If it does can you get an address from it ?, If not, try the RSPCA
I'd try an air rifle..............but hey that's just me.
Try an electronic cat scarer device in your garden, they don't harm the cat but they hate the high pitched sound they emit, so they don't tend to come near it. We have one and it does seem to work. How horrible for you to see all the dead animals, birds etc, I'm not a cat lover for that very reason plus the dreadful smelly mess they leave in other people's gardens including my own.
try spraying the cat with water every time you see it, they hate it!.............
Yes they do Welshlib but trouble is getting the hosepipe ready before they spot you!
Craft if it was my cat I'd use an air rifle on you but hey, that's just me.
WT you say you "think" it's a stray. Is it scruffy and skinny looking? - if so then (as Mass suggested) call in the RSPCA.
You're clearly a cat hater and I'm glad your overgrown garden is visible. There's nothing "PC" about reporting someone for booting a cat.
Camphor tablets tend to keep them away in my experience. They don't seem to like the smell. But different cats respond to different things.
Yeah my guess is that the RSPCA would be your first thought if you want it caught and taken care of. Or some other cat/animal related charity. Maybe try the telephone directory for ideas locally ? Or ask around as you suggest. There have been earlier threads on the cat nuisance if you do a search.
I'm a cat lover but we had a problem with another cat bullying one of mine, so I bought a high powered water pistol. It took three or four strikes, but the bullying cat no longer comes near my garden and it was totally unharmed, apart from it's dignity.

Cats also hate the smell of orange peel.
Cats suffer horrific injuries from air rifles, dont even think about it, please!!!
The RSPCA won't be interested, the Cat's Protection League may give you a humane trap to catch it and they will collect it after it is caught.
Why do you think it's stray?

My cat doesn't have a collar. They are dangerous.

God knows what my cat gets up to when he's out.
Collars aren't dangerous for cats if you get them the quick release ones. They tend to lose them a lot though. lol
I know you might feel this the end of the world but in reality it's just a cat that comes into your garden and if that's the only problem you ever have then you are very lucky indeed. As suggested above, just give him a squirt with a high powered water pistol and hope for the best but please try to chill out, it's really no big deal.
Don't assume it's a stray just because it's not wearing a collar - none of mine wear collars, but they are all microchipped so identifiable as ours.

If you have a wild garden, it's a haven for all animals, including the hunters.

I can only suggest

a) a water pistol, to dissuade it b)
buying some Lions Roar granules and putting them down to try to stop the pooing
c) investing in an electronic scarer (which some people say does work)

Just because the cat is hunting doesn't mean it's not loved and being fed somewhere else. Mine are fully up to date with their dinners in their bowls, but still brought in a half-eaten mouse last night. It's their nature - they hunt.
Inded - mine want for nothing, especially the fussy male who will only eat one kind of food, but they often bring me little "presents". I dislike this intensely, but it is their nature.
Boxtops, what are Lions Roar granules? I have this problem with our own cat using the lawn as a toilet and put a question regarding this in the Pets section. I've tried to google them, but couldn't find anything. Also where could I buy them from?
Kacee, you can get it on Amazon (and I'm sure other places too!)

It's called Silent Roar, distillation of Lion dung which puts cats off (I don't know why, mine have never seen a lion so wouldn't know how much bigger it is that they are!)
Have yet to hear a good report about this.

Try letting your cat sniff some orange peel. Mine recoil instantly if I am eating an orange, not to mention the dirty look I get from them wehn doingso.
Thanks boxtops, I'll definitely get some, although lions are scarce around here too!

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cat poo in my garden, and dead animals

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