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Bathroom downlights...................................
anyone recommend any

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lilacben | 17:52 Thu 23rd Feb 2012 | Home & Garden
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downlight bulbs that give a good lighting. The ones we have at the moment have such a yellow glow. I am after a bright white light. Tried a LED bulb but that was too dim. Am I looking for something that has been invented yet.? lol


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No you need to ask for WARM WHITE LEDs minimum 5 watt preferably 7. just had both bathrooms done and they're as good as low voltage.
You could do that. LEDs will get there in the end but they are still rather expensive (compared to halogens or conventional) because of the high development costs. I'm still using halogens until LED price comes down another 50%.
But the LEDs I bought were £7 each and last 30,000 hours!
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Thankyou foryour replies. I will look into your ideas.

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Bathroom downlights...................................
anyone recommend any

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