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Redirecting mail addressed to ex partner.

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kirsteenrose | 12:53 Sat 18th Feb 2012 | Home & Garden
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Hey guys,

I had an abusive partner for many years, our relationship gladly ended about five years ago now but I am STILL receiving mail for him.
I have registered with the MPS who say they will stop all junk mail which is good but I am still receiving letters from debt collectors, companys like Sky who he was once a customer of, and other things he signed up for. Almost everyday it happens.
I am really sick of having to call these companies to ask to remove his name as I have to answer a list of questions such as 'Where is he now?', 'How long ago did he leave?', 'Do I have a current address for him?', aswell as having to give my details over! I'm going to snap sometime soon!
So in short, I have registered with MPS, done the whole 'return to sender' thing and called indiviual companies.

I suspect he could be still using this address to sign up for crap.

Where can I go now? I have seen online that I can contact the royal mail? Is their way of dealing with it effective?

Any help will be greatly appreciated...and sorry for the partial rant!



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Write in large letters on the front of the envelopes "Not known at this address, return to sender" then put in the postbox. There is absolutely no need for you to give your personal details to anyone.

I had a similar problem with a tenant who rented my house for a year. Long slog but all mail seems to have dried up now.
I have this problem with the previous tenant of my home
Calling hasn't helped at all, and neither has emailing - I do lnly call the numbers that don't cost me anything
When I have called they want my details but I refuse to give my name so they, of course, dont believe me
I no longer waste my time or effort calling or emailing and I long stopped returning to sender
We get on average one letter a week threatening debt collectors, enforcements agents etc
I don't even open them now, they go straight to the bin
Ignore them, I do
Royal mail will do nothing. They are contracted to deliver, simple as that.

Write, don't ring. Just give your basic information and the facts and say that beyond that, he is nothing to do with you and you do not wish to recieve them.

If you suspect he is still using the address, cross check any dates provided, and if he is, it's fraud.
it might be worth getting a credit report to see if he is still using your address as his...if he is then you can get his detail taken off the house details i believe?
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Thanks for that.

I'm just so sick of seeing his name almost everyday. Aswell as mail addressed to him, I also very occasionally receive mail to the previous tenants which isn't so bad as I know they are an elderly couple now in a retirement home and are unable to sort it out themselves.

But I do think it is a joke that I have to give over my details to random companies otherwise they discard my call!

Thanks again for the advise, I guess I should take it with a pinch of salt and ignore them.
will be a pane - but re - direct them back to royal mail saying adressee no longer at this address

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Redirecting mail addressed to ex partner.

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