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Dirty sun loungers

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coccinelle | 10:42 Fri 15th Jul 2011 | Home & Garden
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Has anybody got an idea how I can clean up two very dirty old sun loungers? They are in good condition ie no breaks but encrusted with years of being left in the garden. They are in plastic and white, weel were as they're now mottly grey... I can imagine a few hours of bleach scouring cream could do the trick but there might be a quicker way.


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Pressure washer if you have one or could borrow one.
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Ah, yes never thought of that. I do have one but rarely use it as it makes such a mess but will give it a try thank you. I'll do the drive while I'm at, it might as well go for it.
spray them with jif spray or flash first and give it some time to won't waste as much water with the washer
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Thank you rowanwitch. What's in Jif or flash? not in UK
It's cif now
If you intend to use a bleach, make sure it is oxygen-based and not chlorine-based. Will say on the label. Chlorine will probably weaken the fabric, particularly in sunlight.
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Is it a detergent or a bleach spray or both?
I have a bottle of Flash here. This is what it says on the label:
Ingredients: <5% Nonionic surfactants, Soap; Benzisothiazolinone; Glutaral; Perfume; Citral; Hexyl Cinnamal; Linalool; Limonene.
Made by Procter & Gamble.
None of the above makes any sense to me, but I can assure you that I have copied it out accurately.
Most of these sprays will contain detergent and some sort of bleaching-agent. Avoid the chlorine -type. You WILL have to read the label!
Scrub down with an abrasive cream cleaner to remove the surface crap, then scrub neat thick bleach on and leave for 20 minutes for it to eat in to the underlying staining. I did this last week on some truly horrendously grotty white resin garden furniture and when done the OH moaned it was 'too bright' f fs...
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Thank you everybody, I'll have a look to see what I have in the cupboard and see what suits.
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Thanks for that, snags. Will maybe try the pressure washer first to see if that will get the grime away if not will try abrasive cream then do the 'oxygen' based bleach.
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Well, thanks to you all I have two 'looking as good as new' sun loungers. Just can't believe it. Put on detergent then power washed then put on the bleach and WOW! Thank you so much, it was done in just over an hour, however I have one hell of a mess to clean up on my gravel path tomorrow!!
Try 'Erase Away' from Home Bargains. 99p for 2 sponges, very little effort and all white plastic comes up a treat - UPVC windows, marks on caravans, scuff marks at the botom of white goods etc. They are a brilliant brilliant addition to your cleaning equipment
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No these needed more than those ... LOL but I do use them on the garden table and chairs and they are very useful.

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Dirty sun loungers

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