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If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is a bit dodgy !
Apparently they are rubbish according to someone on hotukdeals.
Hi Smurf. I also questioned this offer on here a while back and someone else did a quick search for me regarding the offer specifically - not the product. 99% of the reviews were bad. The link you are provided with in the e-mail (the one you have put above) is not the offical JP site, just one made up to look like it. I understand JP is a good brand but I think the offer is a massive con. I'd stay clear.
They probably have a job lot of them that they can't shift coz they didn't sell at the higher price.You get what you pay for. and they will also make money on the postage.
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That website was set up by using GoDaddy (which is unusual for a legitimate big company):

The registrant is shown as MP Innovations. There's no website for that company (which, again, is unusual for a major company) but it is listed in this business directory:

Google Street View shows the address given there to be a residential property.

A bit 'iffy' perhaps?

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