Unfinished bathroom wall painting

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curiouscat21 | 13:20 Sun 26th Jul 2009 | Property
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My landlord changed a toilet unit and had to repair a part of bathroom wall due to the job back in February 2009. The landlord who is a self-employed interior decorator, fixed and put plasters on the wall himself and told me he would come back to paint the wall when the plasters got dried (dried a week later). In April he emailed me saying his self-employed job was very busy but would come to paint the wall when his job hit a slack period. I thought he could arrange another decorator to paint the wall if he could not do himself. He has had his over 2 weeks holiday in June. I have been paying full rent with the unfinished bathroom wall for 5 months. Would it be possible to claim rent reduction for these months? If so how much I should claim from �420 monthly rent? Could you please give me your advice. Thank you.


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I'm not sure that having an unpainted wall is worth a rent reduction unless you are perhaps paying a premium for an upmarket property? It probably doesn't look 'finished' but it presumably doesn't stop you using the bathroom. If you had been without water or electricity etc then I would say that a rent reduction would be in order but an unpainted wall is probably not worth much financially.

Having said that, a landlord shouldn't let something like this drag on and on. You could of course negotiate with the landlord. You could offer to paint the wall yourself and knock a bit off the rent - the cost of materials plus something for your time.
As Twenty says, if the unpainted wall bothers you so much, ask your landlord to supply the materials and do it yourself... won't take long...
do you both go thru an agent? if you do you could probably air your views to them and they would give you some advice. im a landord (all be it a naive and inexperienced one) and if the agent told me my tennant was aggrieved because of this issue, i would sort it out. mind you, i have only had one tennant and they have been an absolute dream. if i was a bit more jaded i may not feel the same. does this help? probly not!

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Unfinished bathroom wall painting

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