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gina32 | 11:47 Mon 30th Oct 2006 | Property
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i am selling my house and as they say it is one of the most stressfull things that you do in your life it has been going on for 10 weeks now and still no sign of exchange never will i do it again, im climbing the walls, is it just me or do others feel the same


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When we sold our house we put our furniture in storage, got temporary lodgings and invested the money. Then as a cash buyer we were able to secure another property with favourable conditions as a cash buyer is always more receivable and unlikely to be involved in gazumping. The stress was reduced dramatically!
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we were told by the couple who are buying our house that they were cash buyers but now they have decided that they want a mortgage even though they are pulling this house down and building another one, so when they tell you that all you can dois believe them
I sold/bought property in 1989 and there is only two ways that I will leave this house - with the help of the Lottery or in a box.

My 1989 experience had me on Valium and high doses of chocolate for a month. And I believe that things are easier up here in Scotland.

Oh yes, it's stressful all right. When we moved it took 18 months of stop-go to finally achieve a chain. But it was worth it as the house we found is just right and in a lovely area. Keep in touch with your agents so that you know exactly what is going on with everyone in the chain - even difficult news is better than being kept in the dark. So just keep your nerve and have faith! It will be OK in the end.
Oh gina , join the club!!

Our saga has been going on since the end of August. We signed the contract weeks ago and all was going well, or so we thought, but today our solicitor has told us the people who are buying our house, their buyer won't hand over the money and can't speak a word of English - so we are all on a knife edge. I am surrounded with bubble wrap and packing cases as we thought the exchange of contracts was imminent....and now we have to wait. Fun, ain't it??
Its all to easy in this country for people to put offers in and join a chain and then sit back and watch everyone else in the chain crumble. In Ireland the day your offer is accepted forms part of the contract. Buyers should be made to put down a deposit on making their offer. All new developers, Barratt, Persimmon etc insist on a reservation deposit and i believe all sellers should make it standard practice to insist on an initial deposot, subject to conditions of course. Unfortunately you will not exchange until all parties in the chain are ready.
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we have now moved in but only because we had we told the buyer that they had until the end of october to come up with the cash or we were pulling out, and low and behold from out of nowhere he finds it!
I bought my house 9 January this year exchanged on 27 June! It was awful but my buyer had a bad solicitor and it held everything up he also said he had a mortgage in place and hadnt found out after flat off market for couple of months it is stressful will never be in a chain again will sell first and then look to buy

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