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Extra Bedroom Help..

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lostboy87 | 14:04 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | Property
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Hi all,

I am in desperate need of some help..

We have a two bedroom house and my son and daughter are currently sharing a room. Our girl is 10 and little boy 7 this's becoming a problem!

I'm currently on a low income and my partner had to quit work due to our daughter being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
We can't afford to move to a 3 bed because we won't get another mortgage and we can't afford the prices of rent these days.
We ideally would like to move as we hate the area we are in but can see no way out.

Also thought about getting the loft converted but would struggle to get a loan..

It's really affecting our mental health and my anxiety is getting ridiculous....we just need a solution. They can't carry on sharing anymore due to my little boy being disturbed by the insulin pump alarms and my daughter starting puberty..

Would love any suggestions as to what we could do or if we have overlooked any options.

Thank you so much for reading!


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This is not to advertise but give options. My granddaughter is enrolled in myonlineschooling for situations such as this. It is based in Edingburgh and follows UK curriculum. The timetable can be decided by the parent and child. Any lessons missed through illness etc. are available on video. The lessons can be attended anywhere at home or in partners workplace so long as there is a room and good internet. Lili is now 13 and is dividing her time between home and Porto, five hours away as she is an aspiring horse rider.
Re the house, for short term could mum sleep in with daughter and dad with son until all settles with the insulin pump. Once the child's needs are stabilised the pump should not alarm so much
It can be hard to think clearly when you are bogged down with multiple issues.

Get some experts in for advice about a proper loft conversion - see if it is possible and the likely cost.
Speak to your bank about remortgaging to free up cash to pay for it. It costs nothing to ask.
Speak to your local council for advice. Due to your daughter's medical needs and the simple fact that your family has outgrown your house you may be eligible to go on the council waiting list or for a home improvement grant. Homeowners like yourself can go on the housing list if they live in an unsuitable or overcrowded property and can't improve the conditions.

Also, look at private rentals in your area - the rent may be affordable especially if you have equity in your property. You say you can't afford private rent but just check out what is available. Rent might be cheaper if you are prepared to move further away.
Speak to a few housing associations.

In the meantime is there room in your bedroom for your son's bed? Not ideal but he might get a better night's sleep and your daughter will have her privacy. A good quality bed settee in the living room for you and your wife is an excellent suggestion. Many families live with this arrangement when there aren't enough bedrooms to go around.

Make a list of people to talk to and make a start on Monday. You will feel much better if you are taking action.

Regarding your partner. Could she think about taking on any sort of work short term until her ideal job comes up? For example, Amazon offers drivers the option of working hours that suit them, even three hours a week delivering parcels.
It is always easier to find employment when you are working.
What about trying another school? Then the partner will have more time to work
Excellent advice from Barry

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Extra Bedroom Help..

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