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jackthehat | 18:17 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Property
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I recently had a telephone call from the company which carries out our annual 'warranty' service.
They noted that we do not have a water-softener/limescale-reducer on our (4-year old) boiler.
Apparently, this part has to be fitted as part of ensuring that the Boiler complies with BS 7593......and *all* boilers now have to comply with this standard.

Naturally, I have to purchase their part and have their engineer fit it, anything else will invalidate our warranty.......and if we don't have it fitted, that portion of our warranty which covers the issues that fitting this part ought to prevent......they will not be covered.

Have any of you out there in AB-land run into this issue?

If so, how have you dealt with it?


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I read up on it, too, Chris.

No-one of my acquaintance has been similarly informed that this is something which they *must* implement.
Good grief, those in-line filters aren’t cheap from trade suppliers. I have an old gas boiler, live in a hard water area and knew nothing of this. It is a worry
How much do they want to charge you, jack?
Question Author
Apparently, as a loyal customer I can have it installed by them for the reduced (by a whole £10) sum of £187.00.
From what Incan see the part costs between £100 and £150 plus the liquidy stuff so that isn’t outrageous. I dread anyone inspecting my boiler, it is ancient
I had a new boiler fitted 5 weeks ago ( Worcester ), it has the filter fitted into the pipework. I asked the engineer what is was and he explained to me what it does, he never said anything about it being mandatory now though.
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I was more concerned with the implied threat that failure to have this thing installed (I live in an area of very soft water) would invalidate bits of my warranty....

It seems a bit rum that a company can turn up 4 years *after* installation and insist that I buy 'something' from them (and only them) to ensure that I can then enjoy the same guarantees under the warranty as I did when we first agreed the terms.
That's interesting Tony. I had a Worcester Bosch fitted in March this year so I guess mine would have it fitted too.
ladybirder, if the filter is like mine it is fitted to a water pipe that feeds into the boiler and is made of Black plastic ( about the size of a thermo drinking mug ).
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That's the magnetic/flush filter, tony. It gathers all the bits of old radiator floating about in the system.

This is an 'inline' thing like a fat cigar...
OK thanks Tony.
Just been and looked, can't see anything like that, jack.
Just out of interest, tony and ladybirder, how much were your new boilers to fit? My Worcester must be about 18 years old, and I've been thinking about getting some quotes....
Nope, can't see one of those jack.
It is a cheap thing, then
braniac,Avoid British Gas,rip off merchants.
"Oh it all makes work for the working man to do" :-)

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Boiler Parts Hard-Sell.....

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