Lightening Striking A House In Thunderstorm

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Kassee | 13:35 Thu 22nd Dec 2016 | Property
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We had two electrical wire outside the back door that went into the ground and I understood it was something to do with earthing an electrical current if the house was hit during a thunderstorm. We have recently had a patio laid, and the builder has taken out these two electrical wires, one has gone and the other is just hanging loose - not attached to anything.

Should I be concerned. Is this an old fashioned idea - or do they serve some purpose ??


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Both, Kass. Not considered essential today for domestic purposes, although it would serve the purpose of conducting current safely to earth.

There's the problem in your case. While the conductors remain, lightning current can still be carried down to where they terminate. If this were indoors, then it could be a serious fire hazard. Not so critical outdoors, but I think your options are to either reconnect to an earth rod, or, better still, remove the whole lot... right back to the top of the building.

There's no requirement for them in either Building Regulations, or Electrical Regulations.
I think as The Builder has suggested I would be inclined to re-connect to an earth rod to be on the safe side. Please bear in mind I am 92 & therefore a tad old fashioned.

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Lightening Striking A House In Thunderstorm

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