planting seeds for 'meadow' effect

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doirecormac | 20:24 Sat 05th Apr 2008 | Gardening
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The driveway (lane) into my house is lower than the grass verges on either side. I wish to plant some seeds on the grass verges to produce a 'flowering meadow' type of effect to improve the views as you drive in. I have already bought a mixture of seeds of many different types of flowers (including different heights, flowering times, colours etc).

Without having to turn-over the grass already there how would I go about sowing the seeds?

I was thinking about mixing the seeds with a sand/soil/compost mixture (a little at a time) and spreading this on top of the grass - would this work? Would the seeds take?

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated or any other suggestions welcome ...



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Hello! for your area where there is no grass, sowing your seeds in drifts should work well- avoid straight lines. For the grassed areas remove a plug of turf, add your seed and compost mix. I don't think spreading on top of the grass would succeed. For a quicker result many firms sell plugs of wild flowers which would give you an immediate result. Googling suppliers of wild flower plugs should give a good selection of suppliers. It sounds a lovely idea, and I'm sure will give you lots of pleasure.
Sounds about right. As most wild flowers grow and reproduce with no help from us, broadcasting seed should be fine, maybe with a little scratching up of the srurace to help things along. Try these people I have used them and found them very good and you may find some useful tips on their website.
'srurace' = surface!!

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planting seeds for 'meadow' effect

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