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Best Weedkiller That Doesn't Require Foliage

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Old_Geezer | 17:49 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Gardening
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Have a garden in a much worse state than expected. Weeds in borders & paved areas. Ivy & brambles at the end. Meadow grass by the gate. Etc.. Nightmare.


My woman is so embarrassed she wants to just cut stuff down to make it look better, as a) there's so much of it, and b) we can't pull it out.


Is there an effective weedkiller that works through roots/soil if the tops have been chopped off ? Because I search and at the last minute it's always, "Spray the foliage ...". Driving me mad here.





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You can buy an electric weed killer that might do the job, effortless but time consuming.  Not overly expensive.

Question Author

Cheers both. If the top has gone, I'm unsure how easy it is to find the root to electrocute. I have been using a gas wand thingy to burn some, but there are too many, and it takes an age to turn each to ash.

What you need Is an obliging farmer prepared to let you have a small sample of effective chemicals.

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Bamboo, thankfully not.

Going to have to be careful because many of the weeds are nearer to wanted plants than I'd like.

(At least most of the desired plants at the front are now trimmed down. Improves it a bit.)

Does your local college run a Horticulture Course, the students may like to earn extra cash and practice their"slash&burn" weed removal techniques,or if there is a RHS garden near that you can ask for advice them photos.

Hire some goats


Question Author

Thanks for the suggestions.


Unsure about the colleges around here but suspect we're probably more likely to give it a bash ourselves.


The goats are nice, but likely difficult to stop them walking out of the garden and off down the road to town. No kidding.


As coincidence would have it we're here to carry on the tidy up today. Big long job, the weeding just being one part.

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Best Weedkiller That Doesn't Require Foliage

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