Easter Cacti

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grannie39 | 07:46 Wed 27th Apr 2016 | Gardening
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I bought a beautiful Easter Cacti, with lovely deep red flowers on, but they have all gone now, what to do next with it?, to keep nice for next time. thanks.


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sunny windowsill and treat it rough....I water mine with dilute plant feed about once a month or less and they flower twice a year. They can go out in the garden when (if ha ha) its warm both day and night but the slugs eat mine so I don’t do this.
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Thanks that what I will do, I will let you know whether it flowers in between the year. just an aside, my Mum always watered indoor plants by filling empty milk bottles/cartons, she never bought plant food and it worked.
They're so easy to propagate from leaf segments too. You can have one in each room :)
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I didn't know that either, but will try it, just normal potting compost.?
Yes grannie, I don't bother with special mixes, apart from orchids and acid lovers in outdoor containers I use multi purpose compost for everything. Keep it moist.
A lady I knew had a fantastic Christmas Cactus which I admired. I asked her how she managed to get it so beautiful "Studied neglect, my dear" was her reply! I have one now about 3 feet across, and water it when I remember and it thrives!

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Easter Cacti

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