Basil - How Many Seeds?

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Ric.ror | 16:46 Mon 25th Apr 2016 | Gardening
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I have just had delivered one hundred lemon basil and one hundred lime basil seeds
How many shall I pop in each pot?



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I would sow about 8-10 seeds into 3-4 inch pots at a depth of about 1/4 of an inch.
prick them out individually into 4 inch pots when big enough to handle to grow on.
Be careful not to damage the stems during transplanting, hold the seed leaf in one hand while teasing out the roots with the other.
Teasing the roots out with a small dibber or pencil, I meant to add.
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One per pot then eventually?
I go with chip-chopper. Yes, you eventually end up with 1 per pot (sigh...)
I'm remembering living in France when I used to scrape a bit of soil and trickle the seeds into a couple of trenches..:(
Yes, thats it Ric. Sow them thinly, so they'll be easy to separate when you come to prick them out.

Those were the days Jourdain :-)
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what about if I just plant one seed into the pot I intend to keep it in thereby saving the disruption of repotting?

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Basil - How Many Seeds?

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