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Fertilize Or Leave As Is ?

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derekpara | 20:28 Wed 26th Nov 2014 | Gardening
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I have a small raised bed in which I've grown root crops and lettuce for the last few years, topping up each spring with commercial compost before sowing/planting. I intend to plant the same crops again next year.

Two weeks ago I covered the bed with the well rotted contents of my compost bins and left it undug.

The plot has never had any other type of fertilizer,( lime, fish/ bone etc) added and I'm wondering if the underlying soil has become 'tired' and will need revitalising before sowing, or will my garden compost be sufficient when dug in?

What would you do ?




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If you intend to use a commercial compost, I would choose one that contains added nutrients such as NPK, which should be suficient.
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I agree about rotating the crops. Consider a break from root crops and have a year of vegetables grown above ground. Perhaps some runner and or dwarf beams, some very easy and rewarding courgettes and maybe green veg for the winter like brocoli or kale. It will do the ground a world of good, especially if you have some home grown compost to spread over the top.
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Thank you all. I think rotation is my choice, and a change of crops would be nice, too.

Personally, i'd dig your compost in now but leave the soil nice and rough for the winter weather to have a go at it.

Then, in spring, rake it over and, about 2 weeks before planing, just add a few handfulls of fertilizer to the surface and lightly rake in.

Some veg are very heavy feeders....Most beans and peas and courgettes for example and they would benefit from a weekly liquid feed, even when in the ground.
^^^meant to say "2 weeks before PLANTING"^^^ doh !!!
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Thanks, H.

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Fertilize Or Leave As Is ?

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