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Lawn edge trimming

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gazzawazza | 13:57 Thu 18th Aug 2011 | Gardening
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I have owned a couple of strimmers (the cheaper, Wickes/B&Q type ones) and have come to the conclusion that they are next to useless. The wire snaps all the time and they are a pain to reset.
Even when they DO work for a few seconds without snapping they don't cut the long grass, they shred it, leaving the decking and any other surface coloured green by minute slivers of grass.
So my question is this, is it worth buying a better quality strimmer, or should I just buy a pair of shears and long-handled shears?


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If I were in your situation I would definitely opt for a petrol strimmer, however you will still find that the decking would be have slithers of grass on it but this does depend on the skill of the user.

If you were to go down the petrol strimmer route invest in some goggles/face protection and ear protection and of course do the usual safety checks of the ground. If you have a large area that needs strimming regularly it is worth the investment or maybe see if a friend, etc has one so that you can give it a try. The difference in power is quite a shock and it may take some getting used to.

All the best.
Depends on the size of your garden. A petrol one may be going too far for domestic use . I've only used two good quality electric ones in the past 50 years and I have 300 square metres of lawn which needs strimming .
Buy a Stihl. Something like FS40-FS55.
We ditched our strimmer in the end and now use a pair of long handled shears. In fact we have two - one front facing and one side gacing for edging.

Its much quieter and far more relaxing to do it this way.
PS If you do consider a petrol strimmer, check the weight of it.

We had one of those after getting fed up with the electric one and gave it away in the end as I found it too heavy.
don't buy strimmers.

Kill off the grass.

Put down plastic garden sheeting, with 4 inches of pea gravel on top.

Relax and think of all the time you save... :-)

it works for me!
Wolf Tools do a lawn edging attachment which is very effective. If you have a nice clean edge to start with.

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Lawn edge trimming

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