Electric storage heater not working

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enright | 12:17 Thu 28th Jan 2010 | DIY
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I have 2 electric storage heaters in my flat and one does not work. The design is quite common , big and brown and stands on the floor. The fuse box is also old and I wondered whether the problem is likely to be a blown fuse. The fuses in the panel are all old and its difficult to tell which are ok and which are blown. Is the heater likely to have its own fuse or as there are two of them are they on the same fuse .What strenght fuse is it likely to be, I think that 30amp is the strongest, would it just be best to replace all the stronger fuses in the panel, nothing is labeled! .Or is there any other part that tends to ware out on the heater.I have looked at prices and new ones seem to start at around £100 +. I have looked at the wiring connected to the heater from the sealed socked and it all seems ok , ie connected ok etc.The heaters are I think at least 10/15 years old. Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated as I could do without spending on a new heater at the moment.

Thanks Damien


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does the heater cable go into a white box on the wall with a inset fuse holder in it? (might have a little screw holding the cover on). This fuse is the more likely one to blow.
You can pull all the 15A and 30A fuses out, one at a time and check the fuse wire across the ceramic 'bridge', but be aware your house alarm, clocks, freeview box and other things might reset !
It is best to call in an electrician though, just for safety's sake, they would be able to label all your fuses for future reference while they are there.
Had this problem myself a while ago. I was told that the most common fault is the 'reset' inside the cover trips out (as it happens, it was a badly wired outlet box that had burned out). Make sure the supply is isolated then undo the screws along the underside of the cover and lift off. You'll see a small (usually black) switch between the controls on the top of the unit. If you press this and there's an audible 'click'.. Then you've avoided an expensive visit from an electrician and you should send the money straight to me.. If you don't here a click then you're allready dead and I've never heard of you!

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Electric storage heater not working

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