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CheekyChops | 15:28 Wed 23rd May 2007 | DIY
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I have a mixer tap in my kitchen and the knob for the hot tap has broken and come off. To turn the tap on, I have to use pliers (good excuse for not washing the dishes :-)

I tried to get new taps fitted but was told that whoever fitted these taps that are on, was a bit of a cowboy and has bent the pipe etc under the sink in such a way that the whole kitchen unit will need to be removed to get at the fixings.

I have seen in B&Q kits that just change the tap heads, can these be fitted without accessing the underneath of the cupboard and taps? Are they easy to use?


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Quite simple if it's just the head. No need to access the underneath, just turn the water off , take off the top part off the tap, usually held on by a screw, then use a spanner to remove the body.
Replacement is the reverse.
Most of these kits come with adaptors to fit different taps and quite comprehensive instructions.
Should take less than 15 minutes.
Good luck.

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Kitchen Taps

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