Combi Bolier Overflow Leaking

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AJShep79 | 17:42 Mon 05th Feb 2007 | DIY
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Hi, I had a new worcester combi boiler installed just over a year ago and i have recently noticed that it keeps losing pressure so i have to top it up almost twice a week. After investigation i have noticed that water is somtimes coming out of the overflow pipe on the back of the boiler and i am wondering if this is causing the pressure loss? If so how can i stop it leaking?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Hi, I have a Worcester combi boiler which is just over 14 months old. It was installed by a local firm but when I had a slight problem with it I found out that I had a 2 year guarantee with Worcester. They came out and sorted it.
Also I had a query in the old days and contacted their technical department by E-Mail and got an answer next day.
Worth checking on these two items Rgds Al
The overflow pipe as you call it is not realy an overflow it is a safety pressure release valve that terminates outside and looks like an overflow pipe. If it is working properly it should only open up when the system pressure climbs to and / or exceeds 3BAR. So firstly make sure your pressure gauge reads at 1BAR when the boiler is not in use and is cold. then it should not climb so high in use and activate the safety valve. If it still deposits water when it is below 3BAR then the safety valve is faulty and will need replacing. But if the pressure still climbs to 3BAR or over and the safety valve dumps the water it is working fine and doing what it is supposed to do. Then in that case you have an expansion vessel problem and would require re-chargin, or in the event of diaphram failure then the whole expansion vessel will need to be replaced.

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Combi Bolier Overflow Leaking

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