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CheekyChops | 16:40 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | DIY
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I painted my living room recently and basically have made a right pigs ear of it. I bought a huge tub of the stores own brand paint thinking it was a right bargain and it has to be the worst paint I have ever used!

The walls are now horrendous. Some parts are 'stippled' and it looked patchy when the light shines on it. It is only standard magnolia and is exactly the same colour as it was before, the idea was to freshen it up a bit!

Obviously I need to do it again with decent paint but will this simply cover up all the imperfections, the stippling etc? Or do I need to sand the walls or something to get them smooth again? If so, would ordinary sand paper do it or do I need some special stuff?



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It is hardly the store's fault if you bought a colour that was identical to what you had. But I'm confused about the stippled/patchy look. If the light shining on it shows flaws isn't that more to do with the surface you are painting than the paint ? Difficult to imagine the paint bunching up in some places and not others. Maybe this new stuff has more of a sheen and so existing flaws are more obvious ? It probably wouldn't hurt to use a light grade sandpaper to even up the surface before applying further coats. Just don't go 'hog wild' rubbing it down.
get yourself 1 of these, then it may all match in if you dont mind the finish.
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I bought the same colour to what I already had because I didn't want to change the actual colour, I just wanted to freshen it up as it hadn't been painted in a while and was a bit grubby. And I didn't say it was the stores fault re the colour, I was saying that a huge tub of own brand cheap paint was a false economy, a smaller tin of Dulux (or similar) would have done a better job for the same price.

Its hard to explain what it is like but although I'm definitely no expert, this isn't the first room I've painted and I've not had the problem before. It even feels rough to the touch in places and it wasn't before. I'll have a go with the light grade sandpaper first and if no luck, might have to try that roller. Thanks x

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Painting a room

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