Dual flush modification kit for loo

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Old Salt | 08:55 Thu 01st Mar 2012 | DIY
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I have a medium-size, slimish, cistern on my loo. Therefore, not much free space is available. For some time I have been thinking about installing a modification kit that will give me dual-flush capability.

Has anyone seen a kit that works properly? I have done some research and the claims are fantastic, and costs range from £12.00 to nearly a hundred.

Sure could use some advice and suggestions

Thanks for any responses

Old Salt


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I'd advise caution if you've not done plumbing fixes before - these kits are never as straightforward as they make out, and can be very dependent on the exact shape of your cistern lid or body (wherever the push-button is meant to be fixed).
I'm not clear on how installing dual-flush will save you space - can you explain more? Or is it that the flush handle is on the side and is tight for space?
If you wish to save water, you could try putting a house brick in the cistern, if this can be done without causing interference with the flushing mechanism.
I used a couple of these last week Salty.....................
I had to replace mine last week and used one similar to what The Builder linked to. Easy to fit and works a treat. Fitted slim inlet valve as well to give me more room and silent fill.
I always laugh when people suggest putting a house brick in. There is simple adjustment provided to adjust the water level.

The danger though of reducing the level though is that people then log the bog.
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Thanks very much everybody.

I don't think I will take the job on. I have a 'general maintenance' man who I will get to come over and see what can be done...................and give me a quote.

There is not enough room for a brick, even if I wanted to use one. It is my opinion, that there probably won't be much saving in a dual flush.

But, I will keep an open mind

Since 1993, the maximum water consumption of a single (long flush) loo has been 7.5 litres. This is when the slimline units came in. Not sure what consumption a double flush unti has on short flush - but I'm guessing at 5 litres.
That should enable you to work out how much water you could save, as water/sewage removal (assuming you are connected to the sewer system as well) effectively costs £3 per 1000 litres via the water meter.
So that to me sounds like a saving of 0.8p every time you use a short flush over a long flush.
Now all you need is an estimate of the number of short flushes per annum (or even per anum?) - I'll leave that calculation to you for fear of getting it wrong and offending you.
Question Author
Sounds like a plan buildersmate,

I'll discuss it with my 'maintenance man' and see what we can determine.

Thanks for the very good information and advice


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Dual flush modification kit for loo

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