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How can God get angry?

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Merlin | 17:02 Thu 21st Oct 2004 | History
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(Yes, this is a spin-off from another thread)

There are many references in the OT to God being angry. How can that be when you consider that:
1. God created everything and is therefore responsible for the nature of everything, including man.
2. God gave man free will and knew the consequences of doing that.
Therefore, God knows exactly what man is like and it's God's doing that man is the way he is.
3. God is present simultaneously in the past present and future. That is how he can make prophecies and at the same time we can have free will. So he knows exactly what every person will do before he does it.
So how can God's anger be explained when he is responsible for the way a man is and in any case knows what any man will do?
It's like watching a film 10 times, then being surprised when, on the 11th viewing, you see exactly the same ending!


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God is a stroppy temperamental old git who keeps changing his mind and is never happy.


God is a woman.


Both of the above.






The whole thing is a huge practical joke and

he/she is only pretending to be angry.

No, it's not God's doing. Satan is the one that made sin. So, by us sinning, it makes God angry. Rightous angry. God can't stand sin. He gets angry at injustice and sin. And he gets jealous. Like if you are worshiping another idol, God gets jealous. But not in a bad way. If ya know what I mean :). And also, why would God pretend to be angry?
God made Satan, so he also made sin. As per Merlin's argument, he could also foresee the effect this would have. Your argument has proved nothing. Also, as god is perfect, is anger and jealousy part of perfection then? What about CREATING sin, let alone propagating it?Does god have emotions? I am confused, please explain.
Yes but when I watch Casablanca I always hope that Humphrey Bogart will get the girl...
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Are you saying, then, that God does not know what will happen in the future? That would allow his anger to be righteous. But then he would not have been able to make prophecies and would not be omniscient and does not exist in all time at once? And if he is not pretending, does he lose control of himself? What is your description of God that allows righteous anger? (e.g eternal, love, created everything, trinity, father of JC, is JC?)

LOL. :-)Your first posting could upset someone � if God is eternal, he can�t be �old�. �Pretending� certainly is a valid proposal, but it would mean that God is dishonest and not worthy of our faith. It would also mean that God is not love, because love is not dishonest. God is neither male nor female (that would be limiting), we use �he� just as traditional convention. Probably because when God was invented, males dominated society and philosophy. But then again, we were created �in his image�, but neither male nor female??

This is the �problem� that we atheists have to wrestle with. We are told there is a God but never what �God� is.

BTW: Nice formatting. 


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BTW, regarding your claim that God gets angry at injustice - he must have really got himself going when he had all those babies killed in the passover, and other innocents killed on other occasions reported in the OT. And if "Satan is the one that made sin" is true, then are you saying that God did not create everything? God created all the angels, did he not? And wasn't Satan an angel once upon a time?

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Great film, great ending. And who wouldn't. That Lauren Bacall, eh? Just like Barbie - she's a doll!!

And if HB did get the girl one time, then you would be righteously gobsmacked. And one day, the Zulus will get the better of Mike Caine and Stan Baker. They haven't yet after 20+ viewings, though.


'Why us sergeant?'

'Because we're ere lad. There's nobody else'

'No comedians, please'

awesome ;)

Some people on this thread are just plain going to hell.
Question Author

Indeed. I won't get the video out again just yet, but as I recall it's

"But why us Sergeant?"

"Because we're 'ere lad, Just us. And nobody else". One of the best - and so useful on many occasions.

As for that last posting: it was so predictable that some one would try it (but I'm surprised that the AB Editor allowed the name) but here's another quote from one of the greatest films ever (still Zulu):

"Somebody pot that gentleman, please".

.............and what's more (allowing for the possibility that I've misquoted) - he always says it!!. He's so reliable is the Colour Sergeant Major - his troops had faith in him even in the face of death.

It look's as though we have to find other things to talk about while waiting to be proved wrong. Cruising through the AB questions (as many of you do) passes the time quite satsifactorily. But just where is God's team?

the colour sergeant is one of the best characters in film history.

'the gentleman has a bottle sir'

GOD - I am just curious, but as some form of religious worshipper why would you take any comfort, as so many do, in the fact that the vast majority of humanity is to be condemned to everlasting suffering? Wouldnt that place you alongside the worst members of the human race? Even more so when you rejoice in the suffering of most human beings ever born and to be conceived? Will you sit in heaven with your bloodthirsty god and listen to the screams? Is that why you believe? Are you scared? 

My cat's breath smells like cat food.
I see. the situation clarifies itself.
Question Author

And isn't it one of the best scenes in the film when he formally 'presents' his bayonet to the Zulu and engages him 'by the book' with that stern teacher expression. Must watch it again this weekend.

Well, all Christians are, as I understand it, charged with spreading the gospel to every corner of the world. So if any souls are condemned to eternity in hell for ignorance of God, shouldn't every Christian bear some guilt for that? And if a Christian dies without repenting of that guilt or even being aware of it, does he still get a pass through the pearly gates?

I sense something fundamental in this god's contribution.

We're straying off the point while we wait. Where's Clanad? Surely there's a theist out there who can tell me what's wrong with the argument? - Where's alawibaz?

What's your favourite bit - I think mine's the bit when the massed Zulus start singing and banging the shields before the big charge. So many to choose from. Maybe the guy trickling dirt through his fingers saying 'Nothing to hold a man in his grave". Oooooooooooeeeeerrrr.

Colour Sergeant Bourne : It's a miracle.
Lieutenant John Chard : If it's a miracle, Colour Sergeant, it's a short chamber Boxer Henry point 45 caliber miracle.
Colour Sergeant Bourne : And a bayonet, sir. With some guts behind it.

best bit? hmmm. there really are so many classic moments in zulu. dammit I just cant choose one.

Question Author

Why are there no serious contributions from God's team? Is it that the question is too complex or is there something about our style of argument that puts the fear of non-God into would-be contributors? Is it, perhaps, because the question exposes a serious flaw in the Bible/God's nature/prophecies ideas?

I can't believe that Clanad hasn't seen this thread.

How about the worst moments (Cain is rather prissy in places - much preferred him in Get Carter etc - and not because he got his kit off) - how about shouting after the departing farmers "Come back - we need you!!"? or the cast and crew singing 'Men of Harlech'? Cringing.

maybe the meek have inherited the earth and left us answerbank?

I have just posted a comment in the news sections regarding the acceptance of the first Satanist on a RN ship. Hopefully it will bring out some interesting comments, and maybe draw a few of the god squad from their daily vigils.

What, pray tell, is the incentive for debating anyone that thinks Lauren Bacall plays the female lead (Ilsa) in Casablanca?

ah he arrives . . . with a stutter. defend yourself clanad - the god of the bible gets angry - fact. explain how this fits in with your particular version of god.

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