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Why Did The Turks Side With Germany During Ww1

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sandyRoe | 16:01 Sun 09th Jun 2024 | History
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Some members of Ottoman leadership were also eager to form an alliance at the start of WWI. They worried what might happen to their already weakened empire in the face of global war. The small, but powerful, war party saw Germany as a useful friend with money and a large military presence.

It’s a lot more complicated than that, as in this Wikipedia article.


After the war, France and the UK effectively carved up the Ottoman Empire, leaving the geographical area that is now Turkey.  Many Turkish citizens still have a significantly negative view of the UK for their part in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire.

They thought hitler would win

Hiltler was a corporal in WW1. I don't think he would have won.

A nation that still harbours a negative view of another, simply because they supported the invasive aggresser and consequently lost the war and thus the empire over a hundred years ago, need to get over themselves. Heck, European countries have sorted relationships (EU generated animosity excepted) years ago.


(Are they planning to resurrect the old empire by supporting Russia, and maybe China in the future, any time soon ? Perhaps they need to hold out the hand of friendship to N.Korea and encourage them to strike south ?)

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Why Did The Turks Side With Germany During Ww1

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