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In 100Bc What Would The Year Have Been Known As?

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ToraToraTora | 19:30 Mon 20th May 2024 | History
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We now refer to 100bc as we do but what would the people at the time have called the year?



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A 'universal' commonly accepted  year didn't exist.  It would have depended upon the culture.  Sorry I can't post a link but Google 100BC wiki.  

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I did, it just tells me about that time.

It tells you what the people of that time called that time.  That was your question.

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I see thanks that seems to answer it for 100BC specifically.

I suppose I was really wondering what nBC would be in more general terms.

The Ancient Romans counted their years from the founding of the city

'General terms' didn't exist before it was decided to use the birth of Jesus as the defining moment.  

That's fine if you were part of the Roman Empire but that was a few decades before Julius Caesar sailed to Britain.

people had their own dating systems, as they do now. The most common Roman one was to name the consuls for the year. But what "we" do you have in mind?


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In 100Bc What Would The Year Have Been Known As?

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