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One Hundred Years Ago Today ...

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ichkeria | 20:25 Sun 21st Jan 2024 | History
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Lenin died.

What did he ever do for us?

Or indeed anyone?




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One hundred years ago today my Mum clebrated her 10th birthday.

played a leading part, briefly, in a revolution that turned a peasant economy into an industrial power in less than 50 years. If you think it's easy, try it!

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At what cost?

at what cost had the peasant economy been perpetrated?

Do you think Russians today are worse off than in 1900?

Tell us   ...   when you decided to "relocate" did you ever consider Moscow instead of London? If not why not? Are you thinking of relocating again?   

Probably not  but they ain't exactly made great strides either compared to many other nations.

Togo; Who are you talking to? Who relocated?

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Russia's real revolution happened  in February 1917. Then Lenin was sent back to foment unrest and the rest they say is history.

Seems obvious to me Togo is talking to jno.

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"Do you think Russians today are worse off than in 1900?"

Hilarious: for seven years Lenin presided over revolution, invasion, civil war, and a self-avowedly brutal programme, before his death allowed an even more brutal successor to take his place. The cost of transforming the country was the destruction of millions of lives and livelihoods: the best thing you can say about him now is that at least his time was short :-)

Russia has never really shaken off serfdom in all that time.

He used to drink in a pub next to my school:

“The Crown & Woolpack” in Islington was famous for being the place where In 1902-3 Nikolai (Vladimir) Lenin and his confederates (calling themselves 'the League Of Foreign Barbers') would meet. The pub gained further notoriety in the 1970s and 80s as the venue of “the first real gay women’s pub disco”:

In between those dates, many of the Masters at my school would meet for lunchtime refreshments before embarking on another tough afternoon combatting our ignorance in their various specialist subjects. Some of them (and some of us) succeeded more than others.

On the far right of the first photograph you can see a block of apartments behind a tree. That is the site of my school. It had relocated to Hertfordshire and the old school was demolished in the early 1990s.

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Stalin was there too NJ? 

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One Hundred Years Ago Today ...

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