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Jfk: What The Doctors Saw On Paramount+

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SurreyGuy | 20:32 Wed 27th Dec 2023 | History
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I'm in the UK and subscribe to Paramount+.

Does anyone know why I cannot find the recently-released documentary "JFK: What The Doctors Saw"?

When I search for it, I get "Title Not Found"?




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Can't answer your question but Ch5 - JFK Assassination - What Happened In The Trauma Room might be a good substitute

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@237SJ Thank you 😀

There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of JFK information out there, we might even get to the truth of it all some day, but I doubt it.

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@bookbinder That's the programme to which I am referring.

I have seen that trailer, but I cannot find the programme itself. 

Apparently, SurreyGuy, you'll have to pay a subscription to Paramount+ to see the documentary.

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@bookbinder - I DO pay a subscription (as my OP says).

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@bookbinder - thanks :o)

Glad I could help.

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Jfk: What The Doctors Saw On Paramount+

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