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Stargazer | 20:38 Wed 14th Jul 2021 | History
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) having watched Ken Burns' incredible "The Roosevelt's - an Intimate History" on PBS America over several hours and am deeply moved by first Theodore and then Franklin and especially Eleanor, all of whom overcame the most terrible odds to succeed in the paths they chose. Theodore lost both his mother and wife on the same day!! He was a very sickly child and not expected to go live a healthy life. Franklin was stricken by polio in his thirties and had no use of his legs ever after. Eleanor's mother had never given her any real affection, rejecting her because of her appearance and calling her "Granny" because she was "ugly" and who died when Eleanor was eight. Her father died when she was ten, having bequeathed to her the care of her younger brother, Hall. She had already lost her only other sibling to illness in the meantime. She was mistreated by the household of the grandparent where she and Hall were sent to live with and it was not until she was 14 and came to an English Boarding School where she flourished
I am haunted by FDR's hypnotic sonorous voice and from all this distance in time can see how much he affected the people. This family truly is an American icon.


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Nobody shown any interest!
You've posted an interesting snippet of history and declared your love for FDR but that's all I get from your post. It doesn't encourage questions, deliberation or discussion so I'm not sure what you expect anyone else to say.
It's interesting, Stargazer, that you chose that family and that period in history to become fascinated with. Myself, years ago, I dwelt upon the history of all events surrounding the RMS Titanic from its construction, sailing, and its sinking. You might be interested in watching the movie "Eleanor and Franklin. Here is a snippet from it:
Oh, Eleanor wasnt a Roosevelt. Teddy and FDR were third or fourth cousins.
FDR was a good president and was left at that, I think before Trump who showed us the damage a 'bad' president could do. FDR has ideas about economic regeneration - the New Deal whereas his predecessor Hoover did not think it was a president's function.

The downside was the concealing of his disability from the public - after 1937 there is no film of FDR walking ( because he couldnt).. After his fourth election 1945 - no one expected him to be dead within 16 weeks. Neither did he as he had junked his VP Wallace for Truman and was clearly not grooming him to succeed.

FDR also did not see Stalin as a threat.
// but that's all I get from your post.//
did you er read it?
Eleanor carved out a job for herself as the presidents wife,
which was certainly not followed by Bess truman ( As First Lady, she did not enjoy the social and political scene in Washington,)

or Mrs Trump - the who cares jacket rather gave the fame away. I suppose the nearest wd be Michelle Obama
Of course I read it, PP. I wouldn’t have commented on it otherwise.

I think sanmac has started the ball rolling with this one, so well done him. I wonder if others have become fascinated by a particular period/event in history?
Trivia question, Without Googling, what was the name of the black dog picked up by Eleanor in that clip?
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Thank you all who have commented and made suggestions. Eleanor was in fact a Roosevelt by birth as well as by marrying FDR who was one of her numerous cousins; (actually Eleanor was her middle name). To reply to Naomi's post (it was getting too late to do so last night) I hoped to encourage someone else to look and see what had made such an impact on me and perhaps exchange views. It is all available on player.
FDR had a long-term mistress, which may be neither here nor there but increased the burden on Eleanor.
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FDR's scottie dog was called Fala and was taken with him on many trips. He made a speech on one occasion about Fala being furious over bering falsely maligned by the opposition which was broadcast in one of FDR's "fireside chats" and was the sort of thing that endeared him to most of the nation.
Like many outstanding men over the last century, he was flawed in one respect that we ladies cannot overlook, but he was an unfaithful husband. This flaw is to be found in many of the great men of the last century. although there are reasons that can somewhat explain why he should have done so. He was 23 when he married Eleanor and she is quoted to have found the intimacy of procreation repugnant.

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