Uk Recruitment From German Displaced Person's Camps

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hc4361 | 12:33 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | History
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I am going to this Church tomorrow and have no knowledge of the recruitment of 10,000 Serbs after WWII.

Any information or links would be appreciated as I would like background information before I go


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What a fascinating subject.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, hc. :o)

(Sorry I haven't helped with your actual question, though)

This article is very thorough. Why do you need more information?
I do know that around that time some Serbs also came to Lancashire to work in the Cotton Mills.
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Margaret, I would like to know why the Serbs were in the camps, who administered the camps and their purpose and why the UK was recruiting men from them when we were recruiting people from the Colonies.
My Ebretic link gives a bit of info on that, I think.
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Thanks, Zacs
Sorry! I didn't read the post carefully enough. I thought the info you wanted was about the church.
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No need to apologise, Margaret :)
There were loads of displaced people during and after the war. I watched the programme Passage to Britain and there were a group of Polish women, who were sent to a resettlement camp in India!
By the way, I was fascinated by the article about the church. Thanks.
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My little trip will be very interesting, Margaret. I've spent the afternoon reading up on displaced persons so I'm now a bit better informed.

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Uk Recruitment From German Displaced Person's Camps

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