What Dog Was Recognised As The Most Used For Carry Messages In Ww1

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Suetheramble | 14:48 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | History
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..bit of a barn going on I say staffs friend days airdates


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German Shepherd
I have been a dog owner and dog lover all my life,
but one dog I could never take to was the Doberman,
We had them at most of the dog training classes ,and there was never one you could say was a friendly dog
No chance of stroking or petting them,no doubt some on here will disagree with me,it is just an observation over the years.
Tend to agree with you Jordy.
German shepherds were used by both sides so probably outnumbered any other. Small terriers were also popular
I would say German Shepherds....that's where Rin Tin Tin was 'discovered'.

Jordy - one of the reasons you get yourself into trouble is because you'll go onto a thread and post a personal observation loosely (usually very loosely) connected with the OP but one that is in no way helpful.

Sections outside Chatterbank are for (hopefully) being helpful and serious in.
Some great images on here of dogs during WWI.
Doberman s are a split breed with one half of the breed line being more like boxers in temperament, I.e soft and friendly and the other half being bred for aggression solely to be working guard/ defence dogs.
I wouldn't have one except with a really good pedigree because idiots might cross the two sides.
JTH,in in WW1 dogs provided comfort and friendship to the troops,as well as being used for other purposes
My point would be I couldn’t see many Doberman providing such.
JTH, in defence of Jordy, Dobermans were mentioned in my link.
They mostly used large sheepdogs and larger cross breeds for mercy dogs because they could carry medical supplies. They would also just stay with a dying soldier to give comfort.
I know that...

But look at the original question and then look at Jordy's response.

I was trying to give him a gentle nudge; no malicious intent. :o)
BTW if you see anyone wearing a purple poppy with their red one it's for animals who died in warfare. The message is "they had no choice" I get mine from the humane society.

Remember donkeys years ago seeing a film called Doberman Patrol (B film with Towering Inferno) where Dobermans were used to guard a large store. Never seen such a scary film in my life and put me off this breed.
Jack my dear I know that,you don’t have a malicious bone in your body.XX

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What Dog Was Recognised As The Most Used For Carry Messages In Ww1

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