Weight of a euro pallet

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Jupiter | 11:48 Fri 28th Oct 2005 | History
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What is the approximate weight of a euro pallet (800x1200mm)?


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About 25kg I reckon
I would agree that the weight range is of the order 20-25kg
These can vary greatly depending on the type of goods being palletised. The heaviest ones will be GKN Chep euro pallets followed by the Euro pallet itself (with compound blocks). There are other, lighter versions which are used for smaller and lighter loads. Ask a local pallet supplier if you want further details.
If you're talking about the standard rough wooden pallet then its approx 15 kg.

The heaviest pallets can get up to 30kg

I have to use euro pallets , these are the blue ones . Unfortunately they weigh about 3okg and when damp more so handling them is hazardous. If one landed on my toe id be off for weeks , and not much sick pay either!
This is really a "how long is a piece of string" question.

Blue Chep (GKN) pallets weigh about 30kg
True EuroPallets are stamped EUR/EPAL - 20-25kg

Both of these are designed to carry loads of up to 1500kg and are part of separate, rigorous exchange systems to ensure that sturdiness is maintained by the removal of broken/damaged pallets.

CP2 pallets for use by the chemical industry can range in weight around the 15kg mark.

Other 800x1200mm pallets of flimsier construction will have maximum capacities of 1000kg or 500kg and will therefore weigh proportionally less than the first two examples listed above. Any missing boards will lessen their weight further.
Kempie. As a point of interest, there is a Chep pallet service depot near me, and I calculate they must have getting on for half a million in that depot alone. They have depots all over Europe (about six here in the UK, I believe). They rent them out at 40p a day. Nice little earner.

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Weight of a euro pallet

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