Rainthorpe Hall In Norfolk.

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dorisday | 20:23 Sun 13th Dec 2015 | History
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Anyone know what is happening with Rainthorpe Hall. It was up for sale three years ago, but I don't think it was sold. I wonder if it's standing empty or being rented out. Just purely local interest.


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Still listed for sale back in March
but, as far as I can see, no longer being marketed by Strutt & Parker
which suggests that somebody has bought it.

Looks like it's being used for weddings.
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Thanks for these answers, it will be such a shame if it runs into disrepair or just stands empty. Needs a lottery winner.
the final place on BC's URL - wing-ding place ditching
is REALLY important

once Anne of Cleves pad etc

front door on the first floor and undercroft means that it was built at least as early as 1450 - domestic I think
and such a structure / design was on the tel a few weeks ago
ruined house on a wharf in wales ....


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Rainthorpe Hall In Norfolk.

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