Just Seen That Morrison's Will Be Open On Boxing Day.!!

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andres | 17:11 Mon 16th Dec 2013 | History
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Why bother rushing round to stack up with food . Christmas is down to one day now.


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Don't know how this came to be in the History topic. Could have sworn I put it in Food /Drink
It's some kind of throwback to the days when shops would be sold out of goods, so everyone arrived at the crack of dawn and bought three weeks' worth of everything.

For some reason, this aproach does not seem to have dwindled even though supermarkets open for twenty-four hours and bake on-site, and have ample stocks of almost everything.

The present Mrs Hughes and i will spend Boxing day slobbing about, before getting ourselves together on the 27th, ready to go on two weeks' holiday on the 28th!! Yippeeee!!!!
Co op has been open for Boxing Day for at least 7 years now, and not only that the store's open till 10pm Christmas Eve, which I think is disgusting, who the bloody hell wants to shop at that time?

I've already put my foot down with a firm hand (!) by stating that whilst I'll happily work Xmas Eve during the day, I aint working the evening shift!
It soon will be history don't worry
I think our local Spar is open Christmas day????
One day closed & everyone panics as though they'll never be able to shop again! How much of the food in the trolley(s) will be binned? Ridiculous behaviour...
I thought most of the big stores opened Boxing day, I know my local Asda does, do others usually not then?
Morrisons is rubbish anyway, at least our local one is. If we had any other supermarket nearby we wouldn't shop there at all.
Most of the smaller supermarkets round here like the Tesco Express ones are open on Boxing Day and have been for years from my memory. I've known some Spars to open on Christmas Day for years too.

I guess there are some people on their own or not celebrating who are grateful for somewhere to go or for some "emergency" forgotten something.
The good old days - mum buying cartloads of bread and long life milk - just the thought now that shops would shut at mid-day on Christmas Eve - if the 25th was a Monday you could run out of bread and milk and then you'd perish.
But at least shop assistants got a decent break.
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The problem with Morrisons Daffy is that they put so many stacks of everything, in every conceivable corner, that it make the store so, so claustrophobic.

I think you'll find m.bob that most local Spar, Nisa etc., mini supermarkets will be open on Christmas Day.

We actually have done almost all our shopping, just the beef to pick up on Monday, even got the sprouts simmering already!
Because Brits get dumber by the day.
if only some shops were open on the 25th too instead of this religious nonsense being inflicted on everyone
Bah, Humbug !
Bibble - loads of corner shops open on 25th round here. But they close like a rat-trap for eid.
Our local shop is open 10-2 on xmas day.
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Just Seen That Morrison's Will Be Open On Boxing Day.!!

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