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anagram | 15:00 Sun 31st Jul 2005 | History
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What relation was HenryVIII to Richard I?


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Hi there anagram,

Well here goes,(take a deep breath!)LOL

Henry VIII

Henry VII(Father of Henry VIII)

Margaret Beaufort (Mother of Henry VII)

John Beaufort (Father of Margaret)

John Beaufort (Father of previous John)

John Of Gaunt (Father of previous John)

Edward III (Father of John of Gaunt)

Edward II (Father of Edward III)

Edward I (Father of Edward II)

Henry III (Father of Edward I)

John (Father of Henry III)

Richard I (Brother of King John)

Well there you have it, Henry VIII was a Grand Nephew several times over,work it out for yourself;I am not doing everything for you! LOL

BTW,Richard (laughingly called "Lionheart") was probably one of the worst Kings that England ever had.In his 10 year reign,he only resided (in total) in England, for about one year.He spoke pratically NO English(only French,like his Mother) and used England as a giant bank to finance his crusades.

Compared with him,his Brother King John's 17 year reign looks quite good!(Even allowing for him not wanting to sign the Magna Carta). 

Royal Families don't seem to change,do they? LOL

bit harsh there mystress - I don't think any kings spoke English from the conquest to Edward I or thereabouts. Richard was a brave enough fighter in the Christian cause and a figure of European-wide renown, even if that meant he spent little time in England itself. Henry VIII was a far worse guy.
BTW King John did not sign the Magna Carta, he affixed his seal, as was the legal requirement, at Runnymede in 1215. There is no evidence that King John could write.
Mystress is only saying that because Richard didnt like gurlz. He married Berengaria on the way out to the Crusades but they were childless

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