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Do you carry your NintendoDS / Sony PSP with you?

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AB Editor | 17:12 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Gaming
6 Answers
With the "handheld" gaming experience becoming richer and portable games becoming longer, do you still carry around your handheld games system for short bursts of play or do you set aside time as you would for a console or PC gaming experience?

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  • I mainly play in bed or on holiday. - 5 votes
  • 63%
  • I mainly play mobile phone games on the move. - 2 votes
  • 25%
  • I set aside time to play as I would for any other system - 1 vote
  • 13%
  • I carry my handheld game system everywhere with me and use it mainly on public transport. - 0 vote
  • 0%

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Ed are you running a system of polls? :)
None of the above. I play on it whilst watching television.
Question Author
Hi Alba,

We thought it might be fun!

All the best

Spare Ed
Mainly in bed in the wee small hours and on holiday. Very rarely during the day much much too busy. ( Says she wasting time on 'puter.)
-- answer removed --
That's a tough one. I use both my PSP and DS regularly, but I might not play on them as much as, say, a PS2. It's because the games don't last that long, there aren't that many and so on. I do play on it as I might a big console, but when I have to choose, the PSP/DS is only for the car.

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Do you carry your NintendoDS / Sony PSP with you?

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