Joker in deck of cards?

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Qmark78 | 22:24 Mon 30th Apr 2007 | Gaming
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Why is there 2 jokers in a deck of cards what are they for?


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Possibly just as wild cards...some games of poker include whild cards which can represent any card to complete a hand.
A better question should be why are there only two jokers in a pack and four of every other card. Card games would only develop from the cards available (52 & 2 jokers) so why only two in the first place? It is unlikely that a game was designed to only use Jokers and the other two disappeared over time.
I believe the Joker comes from "Jucker" the ?? name for Euchre since the card was originally intoduced for the games of the Euchre family.

Just for fun, did you know that the face cards have names?
Kings of Spades-David, Hearts-Charlemagne ( or suicide king, because of the sword in the head thing!), Diamonds-Julius, Clubs-Alexander---Queens of Spades-Joan, Hearts-Judith, Diamonds-Rachel, Clubs-Argine (anagram of Regina which is Latin for Queen. The Jacks I am not sure of I know the Jack of Clubs is Lancelot and the Jack of Diamonds is Hector
It's because the card set you use is derived from the tarot, and the Joker is the Fool card.

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Joker in deck of cards?

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