Is the PSP any good.

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maccers | 21:54 Sat 23rd Dec 2006 | Gaming
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I am thinking about getting a psp. but are they any good.

Could anyone tell me if they are decent to buy.


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opinions are divided but i think its amazing and the naughty people can hack it for free bit torrent games too !
The thing is, if you hack it, it invalidates the warranty. I had one but there aren't very many good games for it, but i think it'll come into it's own when the PS3 comes out, as apparently it was designed very much with the PS3 in mind, although nobody seems to know exactly what it'll do in relation to it. The one really good thing about it is the ability to download movies and the like onto it, so basically any video you have on your PC, you can put it straight onto the PSP.
As far as gaming goes, i'd go for the Nintendo DS, both my kids have them and they love them :)
It totally depends on what kind of games you like. If you like Playstation games such as Wipeout, GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter etc then I think the PSP is a solid buy as there are excellent games for it.
The Nintendo DS on the other hand will offer a lot of unique games not available anywhere else and does seem to be the handheld of choice at the moment! (though the PSP does have some unique games for it - check out LocoRoco)
Personally I own a PSP (and like it) and the DS just doesn't interest me at all (but then neither does Nintendo in general!). But like I said it's down to your personal taste in games that should decide it.
In that case, go for the PSP, tracy usually hates Sony with a passion, so if she says go for it, go for it ;O)
there are some good games for it admittedly in short supply.metal gear solid portable ops,syphon filter & killzone to name but 3.
yes they are good but every ones got them get a ps3 there better

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Is the PSP any good.

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