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road safety board game

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Jenni_luvved | 21:49 Wed 06th Dec 2006 | Gaming
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Does anyone remember a game called road safety ? i think that was what it was called, altho it is not the tuftys one. You had 4 children as the pieces , one was called anna i think, and you had to move around the board to collect 4 things and finally get home safe, crossing the road only on crossings etc. You had to collect homework from school or something and books from the library and a kite aswel i think. My memory is quite vague on it as i used to play it when i was a child and im 21 now. So like lae 80's early 90's time. My mum thinks she got it from early learning center 4 me.

If anyone does remember it, then do you know where i cen get it from???



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road safety board game

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