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Alliswhat44 | 13:11 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Gaming
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Is Golden hearts using bots? The same names win over and over every day and all day and night each game mostly. How fair is that to other players? These names come in and nobody else wins a game.


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Same day of the same people winning. Im lucky if I win one game. I write down the same winners names everu day. Numbers called etc. You have to play 100 cards to win. 32 cards you hardly win. Ive complained but to deafs ear. No reply back. Golden hearts bingo is great but they need to stop the cheaters
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This thread is attracting lots of spam. I don't want to close the thread because the question has not been answered.
If it's not been answered in the past three weeks, is it likely to be answered any time soon?

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