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coldstream-1971 | 08:16 Sun 30th Sep 2018 | Gaming
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any opinions of fortunate? please feel free to express yourself mild swear words are acceptable


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It's very popular - almost every 10- 14 year old will have played it and many will be addicted to it. It's quitea good strategy game, suitable for adults too
Is it Fortnite or Fortunate?

I am not a gamer.
You must have seen kids doing some dances, particularly flossing
Thank you, FF. No, I haven't seen that. I don't have much contact with youngsters now.
Thanks Sharon. I can just about do 4 of those but it's not a pretty sight
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Yeah it's a good game. I play it with my friends. It is upsetting because every time i loose.. I know it is to a ten year old.

What i have noticed on fortnite is there are a heck of a lot of kids who play it, and 80% of them are horrific little demons. I've been told to kill myself by 8 year old Irish children simply because i did not want to have my microphone plugged in so i could talk to them... What grown man wants to talk to kids online? Not Me.. but i get abuse for it... It's horrific lol they're all such demons who in reality need their privacy settings on friends only. If not their parents are stupid.
the dances are awkward, cringe and lame

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